Commercial auto fleet insurance access

Save time and money with our network of auto fleet insurance vendors

Members of ARRC are provided access to auto fleet insurance including commercial auto liability and physical damage programs at group rates through our master fleet insurance policies. All rental fleet insurance policies are administered through ”A” rated fleet insurance companies.

ARRC also has access to other types of car rental business insurance coverage through our affiliated company, Sonoran National Insurance Group, Inc.

  • Excess Liability
  • Supplemental Liability, PAI and PEC
  • Garage Keepers and General Liability policies
  • Worker’s Compensation

What does fleet insurance cover?

Commercial fleet insurance will cover liability and physical damage for all of your rental car business vehicles. This includes cars, buses, vans, SUVs and trucks – any car from your fleet of rental cars. Vehicles insured under a fleet insurance plan also include provisions that allow employees of your rental car business to drive any vehicle in your fleet and be covered in the case of an accident.

How many vehicles constitute a fleet? That answer varies depending on the fleet insurance provider. Some fleet insurance providers may require 5 or more vehicles, while others will insure your fleet with as few as two cars.

What type of fleet insurance do you need?

ARRC has access to various levels of fleet insurance coverage that will provide enough collision and liability to meet your state’s insurance requirements for your commercial car rental fleet. You can then add on other options to your fleet insurance such as increased liability limits, roadside assistance, uninsured motorists coverage and comprehensive coverage to protect against theft, vandalism and other vehicular damage.

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