Training Program

Get the Skills for Success

ARRC wants you to get started on the right foot with your new car rental operation. Therefore, we have designed a training program that is easy and convenient for all ARRC members.

All new members are required to participate in the ARRC car rental training webinar. Training is available to all members of ARRC, whether you are a new member, an existing member who needs a refresher course, or if you have new employees who need to be trained to operate the rental counter. Best of all, it is free to all ARRC members!

The ARRC Training Webinars are held twice a month, so you can choose which date works best for your schedule. The ARRC webinar training usually takes about two hours and covers the following topics:

  • How to complete your rental agreement accurately
  • How to qualify potential renters
  • Understanding your insurance policy
  • Understanding counter products and how to offer them to your renters
  • Your state and federal guidelines
  • Claims processing
  • Administrative responsibilities: fleet, additional drivers and monthly statements

Within a few days after participating in the webinar, the trainer will follow up to make sure you have no additional questions, and that you understand your federal and state-specific laws regarding the car rental business.

For those members who need one-on-one training, we also offer phone training. Phone training consists of the same content as the webinar; however, the ARRC trainer works directly with the member via phone for a more individualized training session.

Keep in mind, ARRC is here to support and guide you in your car rental operation. It is our goal to help you be successful and profitable. When you need assistance, we are just a phone call away.