Manuals & Newsletters

Operations Manual

As a member of the ARRC program, you will receive the ARRC Operations Manual. This manual is a complete reference guide that provides proven policies and procedures to help you run your business the RIGHT way with the RIGHT customers.

ARRC’s Operations Manual provides members with a complete framework of the daily operations required to operate a profitable and successful car rental business. Topics include:

  • Business Planning – Options for setting up your rental operation
  • Rental Contract – Understanding how to correctly complete the rental agreement and samples
  • Counter Procedures – Qualifying your renter by getting valid information
  • Risk and Insurance Management – Understanding your policy and controlling your risk for your car rental operation
  • Administrative Responsibilities – Step-by-step instructions for fleet changes and driver additions, as well as understanding your monthly statement
  • Rates and Additional Products – Setting your rates structure, and offering counter products and other after-market sales
  • Fleet Management – Buying and maintaining your rental cars and vehicle records
  • Advertising and Marketing – Targeting your rental customer market, referral sources, and managing your online and social media presence
  • ARRC Internal Forms – Various forms for your day-to-day rental operation

Mile Marker Newsletter

Each quarter, members receive the ARRC Mile Marker newsletter. The objective of this informative newsletter is to provide vital industry news and updates, in addition to delivering information on new products or programs available to ARRC members. It also provides information on various industry trade shows in your area and upcoming events for ARRC members. Articles by current ARRC members, who share various ways they’ve achieved success in their business and communities, are often featured.