Preferred Vendor Access

At ARRC, we know your time is valuable and saving money is important.  That’s why we have done the work and research to give you access to the most cost-efficient, reliable and quality vendors in the rental marketplace for services and supplies.

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ARRC’s sheer volume of associates and vehicles allows us to offer our members a variety of well-known vendors, some offering discounted services and merchandise.

Here are some examples of ARRC preferred vendors:

Rental Fleet Software

  • RentAll – Cloud-based car rental software designed to automate the management of your fleet especially in a vehicle rental business.
  • TSD – Rental fleet management software solutions to manage rental and loaner car fleets.

Learn more about Rental Fleet Software

Marketing and Advertising

  • Printing companies – Signage for counters, business cards and flyers
  • Promotional items – Banners, signs, flags and other promotional items
  • Web designers
  • Social media marketing experts

Fleet Financing

  • ARRC has a Financing Partnership Program with United Leasing & Finance. It is structured to provide short-term flexible financing and leasing to meet your exact needs.
  • ARRC also offers floor planning/financing provided by AFC and NextGear Capital, designed specifically for car rental companies

Fleet Supply

  • Eckhaus Fleet supplies rental companies and other fleet buyers with new and used vehicles. Eckhaus Fleet also handles the disposition of damaged and total loss vehicles.

Learn more about Eckhaus Fleet

Protecting Your Fleet

  • Access to roadside assistance programs  – Peace of mind knowing your rental fleet and rental customers are protected with a reliable 24/7 roadside assistance program
  • GPS/Global Positioning Service Providers – GPS technology can track your rental fleet, providing you with asset protection and simpler recovery

As well as vendors for:

  • Products in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Violation management services (VMS)
  • Motor vehicle reports (MVRs)

ARRC strives to continuously acquire additional vendors that will benefit our members as the industry continues to grow and change.