ARRC is your resource to start and manage
your Automotive or RV rental business.

ARRC RV Rental Business

About ARRC – Auto Rental Resource Center

Whether you currently operate a rental business or you’re just getting started, you will want to make sure your rental fleet is protected and you have the tools to operate a successful car rental business. That’s where ARRC comes in.

With over 25 years’ experience serving the auto rental industry, ARRC can assist you with starting your own auto or RV rental business. For those with existing auto rental operations, ARRC wants to help you grow and expand your car rental business. So why not let ARRC help you Get on the Road to Success? Let us assist you in getting your rental vehicles moving and making your rental business successful and profitable.

How to start an auto rental business

Simply stated, ARRC provides independent auto rental business operators with every service they need to succeed. ARRC is a nationwide, premier, independent auto rental network. Today, more than 1,000 rental businesses in all 50 states comprise ARRC’s membership. Many of our members join ARRC for access to group fleet insurance rates for vehicle liability, garage liability and physical damage insurance.

Our members also enjoy access to Rentall and TSD fleet management software, vehicle rental supplies, free webinar training, and resources on how to start and manage a rental business – not to mention access to our hundreds of members and preferred rent-a-car vendors. Whether you’re looking to start with 1 car or 2,000 cars, ARRC can help.

ARRC RV Rental Business

ARRC auto rental business member benefits

At ARRC, we never forget that our members are the reason for our company. Our staff is highly qualified and committed to providing the highest level of customer service and products that the auto and RV rental industry has to offer. We’re always here to show you the value of honest-to-goodness personal attention and customer service.

Here are just a few of the ARRC auto rental business member benefits:

  • Auto rental fleet insurance access
  • RV rental fleet insurance access
  • Online free webinar training for all owners and employees
  • Online car rental software/TSD software and other preferred vendor access
  • Access to business policies such as general liability, garage and worker’s comp
  • Access to auto rental business supplies, state-specific rental agreements, newsletters and manuals

Become an ARRC member today to gain access to these great car rental business benefits!

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