Car Rental Software

Streamline and simplify your operations with our rental software

Having the right car rental software program saves you time, eliminates errors and simplifies operations. As a member of ARRC, you will have access to a fleet management software from Novatar or TSD. We are able to offer this rental software to our rental business members at a greatly discounted rate so you can protect your business by ensuring that your rental agreements are properly completed. Don’t waste your time every month preparing end-of-the-month reports. Simply click a button and create the reports you need.

What is TSD rental software?

TSD rental software provides rental car businesses with web-based fleet management software solutions to help manage their rental and loaner car fleets. The software combines an innovative approach to software with extensive industry knowledge to bring rental car businesses high-performance software products that exceed their expectations. TSD rental software is easy to use, mobile friendly, so you can use it on the go to control your fleet inventory and expenses without missing a beat.

What is Navotar rental software?

Navotar is a cloud-based car rental software designed to automate the management of your fleet especially in a vehicle rental business. The software has a range of unique features that can help a car rental owner manage their fleet much easier and save time. Navotar has designed a solution that provides only what you need, without the luxury addition that you won’t even use. It isn’t just a rental manager, it also acts as your business guide in helping you keep track of your vehicle repairs, service expenses, periodical maintenance along with the amount of revenue generated by it.

Fleet management software will allow you to control costs and expenses, reduce liability and improve customer service. You will be able to process customers and rental cars more quickly and accurately with rental software. Save customer information, print rental agreements and provide vehicle availability reporting to ensure your customer is served quickly. Place your customer in the right rental car and expedite their check-ins and check-outs with fleet management solutions from Navotar or TSD.

What is Wheels Car Rental System?

Wheels lets rental and sharing operators setup their businesses quickly, with expert support and live help. It has a plug-and-play website booking engine and can connect to online partners. It includes easy-to-manage fleet lifecycle and maintenance tools, rate management, customizable reports, and a friendly dashboard. Clients like the Wheels Car Rental System because it is operator-focused, has up-to-date features, and is supported by helpful rental technology experts.

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